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What is Soul Bowl?

Soul Bowl is soul food reimagined for the urban millennial by Chef Gerard Klass. By using unique flavors and modern techniques, he presents the soul food from his childhood in a flavorful, healthy, and eye-catching way. There is no pork in any dish and a variety of vegetarian/vegan options to choose from. Ordering is quick service with build your own options. You can have your bowl right away, just how you want it. Yet, at the center of Soul Bowl is family. Community seating, lawn games, and Grandma's House Service create the togetherness that soul food is all about. It is a soul food experience that is sure to warm your mind, body, and soul.

Our Story

Soul Bowl was born in November 2017 in Minneapolis MN. Brittney and Gerard wanted to use soul food to change the narrative of North Minneapolis by bringing people together to celebrate the North Minneapolis culture and community. 

Their first Soul Bowl pop up was hosted at NEW RULES in North Minneapolis. The two day pop-up created a customizable, convenient soul food experience. Customers lined up around the block to get a chance to create their perfect soul bowl with all of their soul food favorites. This pop up gained them a full page spread in MSP Magazine with the title “Could Soul Bowl be Minneapolis’s New Chipotle?” After that pop up Gerard and Brittney knew they had something special and started working toward opening a brick and mortar Soul Bowl with various menus such as the Hip-Hop Brunch, Caribe and Soul food! In March of 2019 soul Bowl landed a concession stand at the Twins Stadium Target Field. This opportunity created amazing exposure for the Soul Bowl brand. Soul Bowl’s first brick and mortar location is located in Graze provision + libations in North loop Minneapolis. Soul Bowl’s goal is to scale nationwide to become the nation’s first fast casual soul food restaurant.

Our Team